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    Beautiful Wedding Photography
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Beautiful, Timeless, Relaxed Wedding Photography

We are Derbyshire wedding photographers Dave, Diana and Lois, and photographing weddings is both our passion and our business.  It is our goal to give you great photography and the very best service, and to make sure you receive great photographs that tell the story and capture the magic of your wedding day.

Our style of timeless and beautiful photography captures the highlights and the candid moments of your wedding as they happen, and we will also take any formal images you require, all undertaken with good humour and with minimal disruption to the flow of the day.

No two couples are the same,  every wedding is unique.  Even though we might have visited the same venue several times before, each wedding will be very different and truly memorable because it is people who make the difference.

Your wedding day will be the result of many months of careful planning, and we would love to be there, capturing the special moments both planned and unexpected,  as they unfold.

Allow us the privilege of capturing and preserving all the magic of your day, and creating a beautiful wedding album for you to treasure forever.

Golding Fine Art
3 Ladycroft Avenue
SK17 7AQ

Phone: 07581 779930
email: diana@davidgoldingweddings.com

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