switching from Lightroom to capture one

Switching from Lightroom to Capture One

I recently wrote this article about switching from Lightroom to Capture One for a photography forum, but thought i would post it here too, just in case anyone is interested! For those who don’t know, Capture One is RAW processing software, similar in some ways Lightroom, (quite different in others), made and sold by Phase One for use with their medium format digital camera backs.

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Save disk space with JPEGmini pro vs Blogstomp

For any photographer who processes and stores large volumes of image files, the sizes of the digital files can be a big deal.

If you can save a few megabytes on the size of each file this can make a big difference to the upload time for a wedding with say 400 images, and the amount of disk space required to store the images online and on the computer hard disk. It is therefore well worth running the finished JPEG files through image compression software to get the file sizes as small as is possible, whilst making sure there is no reduction in the quality of the images.

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Barmouth Estuary

It’s January and we have no weddings this week, so we headed across to Wales for a few days. I decided to pack one of our little Fuji XT-1’s and just one lens – the 56mm f1.2 – mainly so I could have a play with using the camera in low winter light on the Barmouth Estuary and experiment with the very shallow depth of field this lens creates when used wide open. ┬áIt turns out the 56mm f1.2 is not too shabby when used for photographing landscapes either.

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A visit to our printer

This week Di and I took time out to drive up to Glasgow to visit Loxley Colour. Loxley do most of our printing and make some of our albums too. Recently, they opened a brand new facility in Cumbernauld, so we decided to take the opportunity to visit and get a tour of the works.

I have to say we were very impressed. With state of the art equipment and a great team of staff, they are able to handle large volumes of prints on a quick turnaround, often the next day.

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