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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

This page has more information about our wedding photography services, but if we have missed anything then please get in touch using the Contact page and we will get back to you with the answers.



How do you describe your style of photography?

In a word (or three) we seek to produce relaxed and beautiful photographs that you will love for the rest of your lives together. If we have to put a label on it I would say we offer easy going contemporary portraiture combined with documentary photography.

Click here to see how we go about photographing a wedding and to learn more about our style of photography.

What qualifications and experience do you have?

We have photographed over 300 weddings together, working as a husband and wife team. This represents a considerable amount of combined experience, and whilst we would never claim we have seen it all (!) we have certainly learned how to take excellent photographs at weddings large and small, and in all conditions from harsh sunlight to gloomy churches, and even in the rain and snow.

David has qualified as a Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (LSWPP).

How far do you travel?

Many of the weddings we photography involve some travel.  It is an aspect of the job we enjoy and we will go anywhere in the UK, usually only making a small additional charge for our transport costs.  If the trip involves an overnight stay, we may ask you contribute towards our accommodation costs. 

There is no extra travel cost for weddings in North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire and north-west England.

For overseas weddings please ask us for a quote for our travel costs.

How long before you deliver our photographs?

After editing and post processing your images, we will put them on a secure password protected section of our website. We aim to do this within four weeks of the wedding, however it is often  sooner and many couples are able to view them soon after getting back from their Honeymoon.  Your friends and family can view them online after you have given them the password.  They can also directly order prints online from our website. 

Albums are normally ready within approximately 6-8 weeks of making the final image selection,  however at busy times such as Christmas it is advisable to allow longer.

How do we book you to photograph our wedding?

Please use the contact form to check the availability of your wedding date.   We'll get back to you as quickly as we can, and if the date is free we’ll send you a booking form.   Popular dates in the summer months book quickly, often a year or more in advance.   A deposit of £200.00 is required to secure the date.

On the Day

How long do you stay for?

If you book us for the Full Day Package, we will stay at your wedding for approximately 15 minutes after your first dance. Hopefully we will be able to photograph some of the action on the dance floor before we leave, so choose your second dance track to get everyone up on the dance floor!

How much time should we allow for wedding photography?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question and how much time to allow is up to you. We are always happy to advise, and then work around your schedule.  Factors such as the weather, the time of year, the number and availability of guests, and the suitability of locations at the venue can all have a bearing and should be considered.

As a rough guide, if you allow 3 hours between the time of your wedding ceremony and the time of your meal, you will have time for group photos, to meet and talk to your guests, for a bride and groom photo session and a receiving line if you are having one.  So if your ceremony is at 1pm, we would suggest sitting down for your wedding breakfast at 4pm.  More time may be required if there is a substantial journey between the church and reception venue, and less if you don’t have a receiving line as these generally take around half an hour.

Two hours can be enough time if the ceremony and reception are at the same venue and there is no receiving line. If time does become pressured, we can fit in a bride and groom session after the wedding breakfast – one advantage of having us with you all day.

One hour – you may feel rushed, and we may be limited by time.

If you are not sure, please call us and we will be happy to advise.

Family group shots do require time to organise and these are normally done immediately after the ceremony while everyone is still together.  We suggest you try and keep the number of group shots required to around ten or less.

Do you visit the venue before the wedding?

We will ask to meet with you around a month before the wedding and if we are unfamiliar with the venue this meeting can take place there.

This gives us the opportunity to discuss locations for photography and to understand how your wedding day will run.  We like to be fully briefed in good time before the wedding about timings, who the key people are, and any specific photography requirements you may have.

Do you want us to provide you with a meal?

It is not necessary for you to provide us with a meal.  We use the time while you are eating to take a quick break, then to get ready for more photography in the evening.

Can you do the picture with all the guests in a heart?

Not really, and we won't ask all the groomsmen to pick up the bride either. To be honest most people regard these shots as a bit cheesy these days and we don't get asked for them very often.

However, we are with you to record the events of the day, so if crazy things do happen, it would be rude not to fire a few shots off!


How many images will we receive?

After each wedding, we edit and post-process your images and supply a crafted set of approximately 350 – 400 images from weddings where we are in attendance from bridal preparations to first dance.

We always aim to provide you with as much choice as possible for your wedding album. As a rough guide, a 15 spread (30 pages) digital album will typically accommodate between 80 and 120 images.

For shorter weddings, the number of images supplied is likely to be less, and in proportion depending on the time we are present.

Do you supply digital image files for us to copy and print?

Yes!  Digital images are included in all our wedding photography packages. Digital images are supplied with a licence to copy, print and share on social media sites such as Facebook.

We supply two sets of digital images, one at high resolution for making high quality prints, and the other at lower resolution suitable for e-mail,  viewing on smart phones and tablets, and sharing on social media websites.

Do you retain the copyright for the images?

Yes, as your professional wedding photographer,  we will retain copyright of all the images we create. However, we provide you with a license allowing you unlimited personal use, including printing, copying and sharing of your wedding photos.

Can we have an album?

Yes, of course. We offer an impressive range of wedding albums in a variety of sizes, with a large choice of cover fabrics and colours. We can supply fine art albums, storybook albums and matted albums.  We aim to have something for all tastes and budgets!

Do you supply Parents' Albums?

Yes, all our wedding albums have options to purchase replica books that can be purchased as Parents' Albums or gifts.

What are RAW files?

Raw files are like digital negatives. Streight out of the camera, unprocessed, and not pretty.  So the only people who get to see these are us!  We supply a USB drive with the processed, print-ready JPEG files, together with a licence for you to print and share your photos. You also get a low resolution set to share on your favorite social networks.

What image processing do you do?

The digital files that come out of the camera receive quite a bit of attention before they are delivered to you.  This is done painstakingly, one picture at a time until they are done, and takes many hours and cups of coffee.

To start with we correct the colour if needed, and check all the images to make sure they are the correct brightness. We make sure all the detail is there in the lightest and darkest parts of the picture, and give the contrast a bit of a boost to make the images "pop". There's probably going to be a few more local contrast and colour adjustments and other digital fixes to attend to too. For example, if the image looks better in Black and White we will do the conversion.

Next, we might crop the image a bit to improve visual impact and remove any unwanted distractions. We remove distracting items like green "Exit" signs over the brides head, traffic cones and probably some of the other health and safety paraphernalia you find around venues these days. 

Finally, we sort the images into order to tell the story best, and renumber them in a meaningful way. We generate two sets of the images at different sizes and upload the biggies onto your password protected gallery.

The very last step is to put them on a USB stick and pop it in the post to you.

What image processing DON'T you do?

To be honest, this is not a question we are asked very often! However, because we want you to still be in love with your wedding photographs in fifty years time, we avoid clichés and fads in processing in just the same way we avoid them when taking the pictures.

So, no cheap photoshop filters to give a false washed out "vintagy" look that already looks out of date. No "spot colour" where everything in the image is black and white except your roses.

No cartoony "HDR", no 1990's style white vignettes, and I promise I won't cut you out and put you in a Babycham glass.

Wedding Albums


There is no better way to remember your wedding day than to see all your favourite images beautifully printed and presented in a fabulous wedding album.

We offer a wide choice of high-quality wedding albums, manufactured from the best quality materials and made to high standards of craftsmanship.  Our albums are manufactured here in the UK.

All our wedding albums are custom designed by us to present your wedding images at their very best. Provide us with a list of your absolute favourite images from throughout the day, and will give these prominence in the design.  Allow us to complete the layout using images that look great on each page.  When the design is complete we will send it to you to approve. This gives you the opportunity to make changes. When you are completely satisfied with the design, we order the album from our suppliers. Delivery is normally a couple of weeks after you have approved the design.

All our albums have options for duplicate “Parent’s books” which can be purchased at the time of ordering the main album.

Book in the Box

Seville Album with Linen Cover

Fine Art Album

Seville Album

Albums & Frames
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Contemporary Wall Frames

Photographs from your wedding make a great addition for a bare wall in your home. We offer a range of frame sizes in four elegant styles, Coffee Bean, Pecan, Fawn and Seashell.

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