Lisa and Martin Engagement Shoot

Lisa and Martin got engaged at the spectacular setting of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales, and they chose this setting for their “engagement” shoot.  It turned out to be a warm sunny day, ideal for Engagement Photography.  The walk up to the Cove where the stream emerges from the bottom of the massive cliff, up to the limestone pavement above provided us with a great variety of backgrounds for a fabulous set of pictures.

Engagement Photography

This is the place where the underground spring emerges from the bottom of the cliff face. It’s really quite a weird thing to see.  What you can’t see in this picture is that one step forward or one step back and they would both be in the stream!

This picture gives you some idea about just how big Malam Cove is. We were there on a weekday, but at weekends it is usual to see rock climbers dangling off ropes spread across the face of the cove.

This is somewhere near the spot where Martin popped the question and Lisa answered in the affirmative.

There’s the ring!


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