What is your style of photography?

If you've been reading the glossy bridal magazines or wedding blogs about how to choose your wedding photographer, you will probably have read you should ask your photographer "what is your style?".  If you haven't been reading the glossies you may not have given it any consideration, but nevertheless "style" is how wedding photographers tend do differentiate themselves and it can be a useful guide to understanding what you will get for your money. So, without further ado, here is our very own brand of North Wales documentary wedding photography!

North Wales documentary wedding photography

What are the choices?  You may hear terms like "traditional", "documentary", "reportage" and 'contemporary" banded around, and depending on who you ask, you'll get different interpretations for each of these terms. 

If we have to put a label on it I would say we offer "documentary photography combined with a bit of easy going contemporary portraiture", which is quite a mouthful!  In practice, ninety percent of what we do is "live action" and maybe ten percent is spending some time with the two of you to create some beautiful portraits and timeless family portraits that will become treasured family photos passed from generation to generation.

To explain better, here in some detail is a description of how we go about photographing a wedding. Do bear in mind there is no such thing as a typical wedding, and we'll talk before your wedding to make a bespoke plan for your day.

Details, details, details

Lets start with the details. It's usually what we do first when we arrive for the bridal prep in the morning, and it gets the creative juices flowing.  We set about creating beautiful, glossy magazine quality photographs of your wedding dress, flowers, jewellery, old, new, borrowed and blue. 

beautiful photographs of the brides details

Bridal Preparations

We usually arrive where the bride is getting ready about two hours before the ceremony time.  After introducing ourselves, we set quietly about our work without getting in the way of the hair and makeup.  We simply photograph whatever is going on, be it opening a bottle of bubbly, dishing out gifts to the bridesmaids, lacing up the back of the dress or putting in the veil. 

bridal prep before the ceremony

Catching up with the guys

An hour before the ceremony time, we will hook up with the groom and his groomsmen.  Sometimes we'll meet in the pub or hotel bar, sometimes at the church or outside the venue.  We ask for ten minutes for some relaxed and informal pictures of the groom with his guys.  After that the ushers can go about their ushering and the groom and his best man can set about meeting and greeting. We will carry on photographing as your guests arrive.

the guys before the ceremony

Arrival of bridesmaids and Bride

Minutes away from kick-off this is no time for the photographer to be in the way, so a quick photo with Dad in the car, and the rest is live action.  If time/weather/nerves permit, maybe a quick photo of the bridal party before going in.  We slip inside the ceremony room first and take up our positions.


Prior to the ceremony, we will have had a discussion with your Celebrant, and agreed where we will position ourselves.  We always take our guidance from them and follow their rules! It is always our aim to make ourselves as invisible as possible, so you are the focus of attention and not us.

As there are usually two of us, you get images from both the back and front of the room, and we don't need to move around. Win win.

the wedding ceremony

Drinks Reception

Your chance to mix it with your guests. Our chance to photograph your guests and you mixing it.

Family Group Photographs

Most couples want some family group photographs, and we will have a list and who is needed in each one.  We'll get through the list as fast as we can and with good humour. All your guests will be ready and eager to be photographed and we'll rattle through the shots in no time!

We have an article all about Family Group Photographs here!

Bride and Groom Portraits

At some point in the day, we'll propose a diversion for a few bride and groom portraits. How much time we spend on this and where we do the photos is up to you, and will probably depend on your venue and schedule. It could be in the gardens, woodland, on the beach, in a field or indoors.  Again, its something we will have discussed beforehand.  If there's a great sunset or a moody sky, lets do a few shots after dinner too.

bride and groom images

A few more details

Some time before your guests are called, we'll go into the reception room and photograph the room and all the details you have spent so much time planning. 

The wedding breakfast and the speeches

After your guests have been called through you make your grand entrance. Punch the air, take a bow, whatever. Give us a photo opportunity!

While you're eating, we'll go and collapse in a heap somewhere, but we are never far away and will return in time for the speeches.

The speeches are a highlight at any wedding and are often charged with emotion. We photograph the performance of the speaker and your guests' reactions.

After the meal

This is the most relaxed time. Guests have had a few glasses of Prosecco, jackets are off, and it's a good time to be photographed with your friends. Maybe go and do the sunset shot. Whatever happens, we'll be on the lookout.

First dance and cutting of the cake.

After all the weeks you've spent rehearsing your "Strictly" routine, the time has come for the big performance. We set up some lights and photograph your polished moves, then stick around a while to get some shots of your guests strutting theirs.

photographing the dancing

Wrapping it up

In practice there is so much more that goes on a weddings than we have been able show in this one article.  Watching what the kids get up to for example. That's a subject on its own!  Our blog posts will give you a good flavour of our documentary style from weddings in North Wales and further afield.

So if you're still with us and you think our style of photography might be the sort of thing you're after, then get in touch and lets have a chat about your wedding. We look forward to hearing from you!

All photos by Golding Photography, based in Conwy, North Wales.


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