Wedding Cakes – What are your options?

Here is a short article about wedding cakes, in particular North Wales wedding cakes! We have photographed literally hundreds of them, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to post some images of a few of our favourites.  If you are getting married in the North Wales area you are in luck –  brides in North Wales have fine local Wedding Cake suppliers to choose from.

North Wales Wedding Cakes

Choosing a wedding cake is not an easy task.  There is so much choice available, however there is something for all budgets. If you decide to go for the traditional style of wedding cake, perhaps the first thing to decide is how many tiers you need to supply all your guests with a slice . Whilst some wedding couples in North Wales decide on a single tier, it can be a lot of fun to have multiple tiers – each a different type of cake.  For example you could have fruit cake for the base layer, chocolate cake for the middle layer, and lemon sponge for the top layer. A great way to offer your guests a choice and to cater for all tastes.

North Wales wedding cake


A great way to personalise your cake is to get creative with the icing. We have seen cakes topped with figures of farmers, skiers, cavers, tree surgeons, and others, all representing the hobbies or career choices of the brides and grooms. You would be amazed a what a skilled cake decorator can make with icing.

Another option is to have your wedding cakes decorated to fit in with the scheme you have chosen for your wedding day. Petals crafted in icing and coloured to match your flowers or the room decor can be a powerful visual statement and can make a beautiful centre piece in the reception room.

If you fancy something completely different , and if you live in North Wales, you are not far from the Bodnant Food Centre.  Here you can choose from a variety of cheeses and have them assembled to create a great “alternative” wedding cake. Many couples who have a cheese cake also opt for a small traditional wedding cake so there is something for everyone. Check out this link to Kate and Will’s wedding to see their cheese cake.

North Wales wedding cakes

It would be remiss to write an article about wedding cakes and not mention the very popular cupcakes. Di and I chose cupcakes for our wedding fifteen years ago, so they have been around a while!  Key advice is to have enough for all your guests and have a few extras as well.  Otherwise there will always be some who come back for seconds and you will be left without. It is not unheard of for wedding photographers to partake also.  They always ask first of course!

Wedding cakes in North Wales

Many couples are unsure about the best time during the wedding day to cut their wedding cake. We recommend cutting the cake just before you go into your first dance.  This way your evening guests will also get to see you cut your wedding cake, which is good, as they may have missed everything else earlier in the day.  Talk to your caterers about this and remember they will need some time to slice the cake ready for serving.

We also suggest asking your wedding photographer to get a picture of you pretending to cut the wedding cake when there is no-one else around.  This is often the shot that makes the album, because when you cut it for real, you will be surrounded by guests with their cameras.  This will also make a great photo, but very different from the “fake cake” shot.


To see plenty of examples of examples of North Wales wedding cakes take a look at our Golding Photography blog pages – we nearly always put in a photograph of the cake because we know couples enjoy seeing the great designs.

The best thing about your wedding cake is eating it.

Wedding Cakes


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