All about confetti!

A great confetti shot.

A great confetti shot is not something that should be left to chance. Gone are the days when you can rely on your guests to come armed with confetti. So, if you want a good confetti shot at your wedding, plans need to be made!

Chances are, your Aunty Mary will bring some. Quite possibly the paper variety you can buy in the high street shops. Well meaning though this is, many venues will not allow paper confetti to be thrown because it hangs around too long and turns into a mushy mess. Churches too do not like confetti to be thrown inside the church grounds (their responsibility to clear it up), and usually ask it thrown on the other side of the gate (someone else’s responsibility).

So the first thing to do is check with venue. Most will have an area where they are willing to allow natural, biodegradable confetti to be thrown.

The very best type of confetti for your wedding is natural flower petal confetti which is fully biodegradable, and doesn’t cause a problem with venues who cater for a lot of weddings. We recommend Shropshire Petals, who grow and produce a mind boggling range of coloured mixes – surely something for any colour theme.

Where does natural confetti come from? The best confetti is grown from delphinium (also known as larkspur) petals. The petals are harvested, dried and blended according to colour.

If you haven’t made arrangements, we can bring some confetti with us and hand it out at the right time to get the shot. No extra charge! Our confetti is biodegradable natural delphinium petals sourced from Shropshire Petals, colour matched as best we can to your wedding theme.



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